2016 Conference of the British Postgraduate Philosophy Association (BPPA)

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 conference for the British Postgraduate Philosophy Association (BPPA) will be held at the University of Reading. It will be held on the 14th-16th September 2016.

The BPPA conference is the largest and longest-running graduate philosophy conference in the UK. It will be a general philosophy conference, and so aims to include a wide range of talks from postgraduate students that span across the philosophical tradition. The conference aims to provide a friendly environment in which young scholars can share and develop their research with an audience of their peers, as well as benefit from the first-rate keynote addresses that the conference provides.

We are also excited to announce our keynote speakers for this year’s conference. Professor Laurie Paul (UNC, Chapel Hill) and Professor David Papineau (King’s College London) will provide the two keynote addresses for the conference. There will also be a public debate between Professor Brad Hooker (University of Reading) and Dr William MacAskill (University of Oxford) on the topic of Effective Altruism and Fairness. As a public debate, this session will be open to both delegates of the conference and the general public.

There will be a number of graduate student presentations held in the first two days of the conference, which provides an important platform for graduate students to both receive feedback on their current research, but also to develop their presentation skills.  The third day of the conference will then host a number of workshops focused on specific issues regarding developing a career in academia (and academic philosophy in particular).

Further details regarding the conference will soon be posted here on this blog. This will include a call for abstracts, registration details, accommodation details, and more.

If you have any questions about the conference, just get in touch via: bppa2016@gmail.com


Michela Barisselli, Matteo Benocci, Joseph Connelly, Jumbly Grindrod, Euan Metz, Julia Mosquera, Richard Playford,

2 thoughts on “2016 Conference of the British Postgraduate Philosophy Association (BPPA)

  1. Hello, I am an independent scholar and I’m very interested in submitting a proposal to this conference. It seems like there isn’t a set due date for an abstract or paper submission yet, or that the organization didn’t even start accepting applications. Would it be possible that I can get any information on when the application process will begin? Thank you

    Caroline Kim

    • Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for your interest. We would be delighted to receive your proposal. Please could you send a 500-800 word abstract for your presentation (no longer than 25 minutes) in any area of philosophy to bppa2016@gmail.com.

      Best wishes,

      Richard Playford

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