BdB off to a great start

Thanks to the generosity of the UoR TLDF fund, the Faculty of Science and SCME and to the endeavours of our project team and others, we are delighted to announce that we now have, or have ordered, a range of resources for experiential learning and developing relevant T&L materials. These include:

  • a laptop, video camera and software
  • two bariatric suits
  • wheelchairs
  • and gloves and glasses which simulate a variety of impairments.

We are starting to prepare T&L materials based on experiential learning and cross-school collaboration for delivery in the autumn and spring terms in two Schools.

We have also thought about how we can discuss and share what we are doing with internal audiences and have created:

  • promotional postcards
  • posters
  • a range of useful images
  • and, of course, our blog and BdB email address:

In September, we are booked to give a presentation at the CHOBE (The Council of the Heads of Built Environment) iBEE conference (Innovation in Built Environment Education) and to present a poster at INCLUDE.

Watch out for our forthcoming article in the Autumn edition of the UoR T&L magazine.

This represents excellent progress in six short and very busy weeks: many thanks to all who have made this possible.

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