Exploring visual inclusion for typographic design






This term Christina Duckett, Geoff Cook and Paul Luna are leading our embedding visual inclusion into the Design Thinking module for part 2 BA Graphic Communication students through a series of experiential learning workshops.

The first workshop focused on increasing student awareness of visual acuity. Christina and Paul encouraged our typography students to define the meaning of inclusive design, to consider who benefits from an inclusive approach to design, to reflect on the importance of such an approach, and to begin to consider what represents good practice. Using the SEE-iT mobile phone prototype, the students evaluated their own visual acuity and the visual inclusivity of typography in a range of documents.

In the second workshop, students wore glasses which simulate various visual impairments and explored the ease of wayfinding around the University campus. They also assessed the legibility of packaging of grocery items, with some interesting results!

We have built into the module reflection exercises for students to engage with how Breaking down Barriers workshops are changing their understanding of inclusivity and enabling them to apply inclusivity to their design practice.

Future sessions will complement simulation exercises and will involve real users.

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