A message from Julie Fleck

I am thrilled to see how the Breaking down Barriers Project is taking off – well done Christina, Jeanne-Louise and the rest of the BdB team.

The University of Reading is leading the way in its approach to embedding inclusive design into the built environment teaching and learning programmes and is a real support for the Government’s Built Environment Professional Education project (BEPE).

BEPE aims to embed inclusive design teaching and learning into all built environment programmes so that every newly qualified built environment professional has the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitude to deliver accessible and inclusive buildings, places and spaces in their future professional lives. The work at Reading can really help to make inclusive design business as usual.

I would like to remind all built environment students that Inclusive Design wins prizes! The RSA (Royal Society of Arts) Student Design Awards includes a brief called Inclusive Cities this year (see the RSA SDA Inclusive Cities brief). The competition opened for submissions on 27th January and closes on 10th March. Built environment undergraduate and postgraduate students can submit a design, project, plan or strategy that demonstrates an understanding of inclusive design principles and processes – do please enter.

I am looking forward to the attending the School of Architecture event next week to participate and discuss ideas for a shared curriculum – education, practice and industry – and to discuss how the new architecture programme starting this autumn is embedding inclusive design.


Julie Fleck

BEPE Project Lead

Office for Disability Issues

Jan 2016


2 thoughts on “A message from Julie Fleck

  1. Excellent news! Don’t forget the built environment includes “life between buildings” as this is a blog at a university I will leave you to work out what and who I am referring to!

    I have been on a personal journey over the last eighteen months, following a serious health incident, following which I have had to relearn how to walk, pick things up, stand, use escalators, climb stairs on moving buses and cycle! My balance is still very poor and I move slowly so I am very aware of any changes in level, trip hazards, timing of crossings …

    I have discovered an excellent way to get around, a Christiania cargo trike, that means I am now actually car free!

    I just wish to note there are a huge amount of barriers around, and solutions are available!! Plenty of work!

    Please please think everything through in detail from everyone’s perspective, for example do not think the built environment ends at a building line!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Clive. Yes, we agree that it is essential to consider multiple perspectives. We’re a cross-disciplinary project precisely because we appreciate that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to inclusivity. Working together across disciplines enables us to explore a broader range of experiences and applications.

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