Jason Green Joins The BdB Team

Staff Disability Network Chair Jason Green has for some time been assisting BdB core member Adrian Tagg with his elective Part 3 Module Inclusive Environments (CE3CIE), Jason is a wheelchair user and has worked at the UoR for a number of years.

This academic year he has co-delivered a lecture on Transport as well as assisting with practical sessions where abled bodied students use wheelchairs to access the UoR campus in order to help them understand the  physical restrictions of the existing built environment. His guidance and advice has been paramount in adding value to student’s learning in the audit and design of buildings to maximise inclusivity.

Jason is a published author and he represents staff with disability at the UoR on a wide variety of personal, professional and practical issues. We’re delighted to officially welcome him to the BdB team and look forward to his future positive contributions.