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We believe that opportunity should be for everybody, including you

We understand that it can be difficult to explore new opportunities, especially if you feel that you don’t belong or are struggling with confidence. That is why we’re inviting you to be part of a safe and supportive community with the RE:ACTION 24/7 programme. RE:ACTION 24/7 is a 6-week FREE virtual programme consisting of live and on-demand …

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My Volunteering Experience

Volunteering opportunities

Please find a guest post, written by Qaisar Ali, who is a Postgraduate Researcher, within the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development. I am a postgraduate researcher in the final year of my degree. I am a local resident in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and I offer my volunteering services around my …

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Event Review: Explore Careers in Film, TV and Broadcasting

This week I attended ‘Careers in Film, TV and Broadcasting’ which was a part of the Careers department’s ‘Creative and Culture’ Week. The event was only an hour long but provided a lot of insightful and practical advice for anyone interested in a career in film. We heard the inspiring stories of three professionals in …

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Science, Health and Environment Fair 2023

Our Science, Health and Environment Fair is fast approaching and this year it’s bigger than ever with over 30 organisations. The fair will take place on Tuesday 31st January in 3Sixty, 12:30-14:00 (12:00 for quiet time). The University of Reading’s Science, Health and Environment Fair is designed to enable students from science and life sciences …

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How to benefit from having a career mentor – Thrive Mentoring Scheme

Have you ever heard of the Thrive Mentoring Scheme? Do you know what are the benefits of having a mentor?  If you answered both questions in the negative, read this article and find out more about my experience of having a mentor and my new role of being a Thrive Ambassador.  The Thrive mentoring scheme …

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