4 takeaways from ISE HE conference

The Institute of Student Employers held a conference for careers professionals recently, which focused on some of the changes being introduced by recruiters to their selection and assessment processes. The event featured a number of employer-led sessions are here is a recap of the key points we took away from the day.

1. There are a number of myths when it comes to graduate recruitment

For example… “All the graduate jobs are in London…”or “Everyone has a degree nowadays…” or “There aren’t any jobs for graduates…” or “Graduates only work for big businesses…” but myths is all that they are! To hear more about these check out this great blog on Labour Market myths or find out what graduates do here. We also heard, again, that a large number of graduate vacancies are open to all disciplines and this is not as common in other countries.

2. Some graduate recruiters are using the term ‘values hiring’

Rather than hiring on skills and experience alone, graduate recruiters are also looking at whether you fit organisational values.  They believe that with the right mindset, a number of these skills can be taught. In terms of how you can prepare for this, make sure you’re looking out organisational values (or similar) on the websites of roles you are applying to. Netflix has a great example of this.

 3. Gamification is a growing trend in the graduate recruitment process

Throughout the day, we heard about a range of new technology that is being used in the selection process. Gamification, or games-based assessment, involves using games-based tools to assess candidates for different competencies and personality traits. If you want to know more… take a look at one of the providers of this software, use the e-learn tool on the PwC Employability Hub or check out this great article.

 4. There is a new tool to compare performance in aptitude tests with your peers

Target Jobs have developed a Graduate Benchmark tool that allows you to not only find out how well you perform in aptitude tests but also ensures you get an employers-eye view on how your performance compares to your peers. Note: The University of Reading also subscribes to Graduates First, which gives students free access to a variety of Industry standard psychometric tests and other job assessment tools.

To hear more about what was shared on the day, search for #whatemployerswant on Twitter.