5 apps to progress your career at university

This summer, the mobile app ecosystem is turning 10. To celebrate, we have decided to explore the App Store and see what’s on offer to help you get your career on track. There are over 2 million apps in the App Store alone so here is our suggestion based on the ones we were able to review. We’ll keep our eyes wide open in the future and if we spot any new and uber-useful apps, we’ll share them on the Careers Blog.

In this article, we are focusing on apps designed to help you combine studying with building a successful career while making the most of your time at Reading.

  1. The Economist Espresso – If you’re dreaming of working in business, finance or politics, commercial Business manawareness is a skill that will make you more attractive to employers. This app provides you with a daily overview of the financial and business sectors and offers you the latest news in politics. Make sure you download and use this app if securing a business or finance role is your next career objective. You can get it from the App store by clicking here.
  2. Noted – Taking notes has never been easier. With Noted you can record full lectures, conferences or talks you attend on and off campus. By using the record function, you can save time from listening to hours of recorded material by tagging specific parts and using this to fill in the blanks later. You can also use it at Careers workshops or events led by our Careers Consultants to have extended access to their presentations. Keep an eye on our website’s Events List to discover all the sessions you should be attending come October if you plan to boost your career prospects. Noted app - photo of a notebook and an Apple phone on a desk
  3. Kaching –Spending money is easier than earning it, isn’t it? That’s why, if you want to save up, budgeting is crucial. Thanks to this amazing app you’ll be able to manage you expenses like a pro! This way you’ll save up for a nice city break in Week 6 while also investing in your professional development. You could enrol on a course to learn new skills and increase your chances of getting a good job or you could pay for your own volunteering experience abroad that will make you more attractive to employers. Get Kaching now if you want to make the most of your hard-earned money.
  4. Adobe Premiere Clip – Almost everything that’s on socials these days is a video. If you want to record all the amazing experiences in your life and to turn your profiles into a cine-gallery, use Adobe Premiere Clip. With its two main options, Freeform and Automatic, you either let the app do the editing or you can easily edit your videos by yourself and post them instantly on your social networks. Video is also a way to engage with employers, especially if you’re after a job in marketing, advertising, digital communications, film or any other creative industry. Hit Record to showcase your skills and work experience in a fun and engaging way that’ll get you that creative role! But first, get Adobe Premiere Clip from the App store!
  5. Eventbrite – From concerts and festivals to classes, workshops and sessions run by employers, Eventbrite offers you a range of popular events in your area. You can use the app to discover events your friends are attending or to get personal recommendations. So, if you’re in the mood for something fun or if you feel like Image of 2 people sitting at a table and having lunch while discussing business. They are surrounded by smart devices and one of them is holding an iPhone and looking at the news on the screen.taking the next step for your career by participating in events attended by professionals, get Eventbrite from the App store now!

If you’re digital savvy, and we’re sure you are, why not combine studying with building your career right from your device. Either if it’s for searching for jobs, news or career events in your area where you can meet and talk to employers or for saving money to invest in your professional development, you can now do a better job at planning your career, setting goals and reaching them, staying informed and building your network during your time at the University of Reading.