5 ways to boost your graduate CV

This article was written by Andrew Fennel from StandOut CV.


Transitioning from education to the working world can be a challenge, especially when you’re looking for your CV to stand out amongst the qualified and experienced competition. If you’re graduating from university, producing a CV that highlights your degree knowledge and workplace skills is essential.

You may not have a great deal of work experience, but remember that relevant experience isn’t limited to full-time employment. There are lots of ways you can acquire experience to add some weight to your graduate CV. For example, you could take on some voluntary work or start a personal project such as writing a blog or fundraising for a charity – you could even sign up to a freelance site and start offering services that are based around the skills you already have

But when you’re done creating a killer CV, it’s all about getting it in front of the right people. Put your social media skills to good use and start networking with recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn, building an audience for your CV. Keeping in mind that your LinkedIn profile is just as important as your CV.

Applying for jobs online isn’t enough if you want to get ahead; bring recruiters to you by making your CV searchable. Be proactive and don’t limit your options, expand your job search to include passive approaches such as adding yourself to CV databases or signing up for job alerts.

Landing your first job might seem difficult at first, but this infographic from StandOut CV will teach you 5 ways you can boost your CV and get yourself on the career ladder.

Infographic - 5 ways to boost your entry level CV