Built Environment Fair – 8 November – top tips

Built Environment Fair
Tuesday 8 November, 12:00-14:00 (11:30 for quiet time) reading.ac.uk/careers/fairs

Our Built Environment fair is now fast approaching, and will take place on Tuesday 8 November in 3Sixty, 12:00-14:00 (11:30 for quiet time*).

The Built Environment Fair is your chance to meet employers in the sector and is open to students from the School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science, as well as the School of the Built Environment.

You’ll have the opportunity to speak to a variety of employers about their training opportunities. All exhibiting firms will be offering advice on their recruitment process, including work placements and graduate schemes. It is also a fantastic opportunity to network with professionals in the sector and gain some practice talking to firms ahead of applications and interviews.

Top tips

  1. Use this opportunity to explore things such as:
    • the firm’s key work areas
    • their clients
    • location(s) they work from, including overseas
    • the firm’s size and trainee intake
    • training and experiences offered.
  2. Log in to our event platform using your student log in details and take a close look at the exhibitors information before attending. By doing so you will know what opportunities they have and much more. This will help you feel prepared when visiting the exhibitor, and will help you start a conversation.
  3. After taking a look at the exhibitors, think about any questions you may have to ask them. You should already have the basic information if you followed tip number 2!
  4. Nervous? Try practicing on an employer who is not at the top of your list. And you never know, they may have opportunities that suit you, or may be a good cultural fit for you!
  5. Note down your key takeaways for later, they may be useful on application forms.


*Quiet time

The first 30 minutes (11:30-12:00) is designated ‘Quiet Time’ for students who prefer a calmer environment. If you require assistance during this 30 minutes please make yourself known to the reception desk.

It may be that you have a disability or condition that can make such events overwhelming or difficult to attend.

We have staff on hand to help you upon arrival. You can also collect your ‘fast pass’ from the Careers Centre in Carrington Building before the day to ensure smooth entry.

Jacqui Payne

Head of Careers Information and Events