Campus Jobs Work For You

With three bustling campuses, the University of Reading offers plenty of opportunities for you to work part-time during your studies. However, it could be hard for you to find the right job and apply. Don’t lose hope because next academic year Campus Jobs comes to your rescue. Technically, this is a one-stop shop for all temporary work at the University, providing part-time opportunities that are safe and secure for you.

However, you could think of it a super service with extra flexibility, which bravely manages all the part-time and temporary work on campus to help you gain extra money and work experience while studying.CAMPUS JOBS promotional poster containing the brand visual identity, logo, and links to social media channels.

Apart from the immediate benefit of having all the work on campus in one place, there are other reasons to use this super service:

  • you’ll save time and money by working and studying in the same place
  • you get to find out first about the latest job opportunities that suit your needs once you have joined the Campus Jobs talent bank
  • the application process is easy, comfortable, and secure – you either upload your CV and Cover Letter on Campus Jobs or complete a short application form
  • you get paid according to a time sheet you fill in online, which is then approved by your manager
  • there’s no way you will forget to complete your timesheet as Campus jobs sends out regular reminders
  • if you do more than one job in one month, all your working hours are translated into a single monthly payment
  • even though you use Campus Jobs, you receive career support from University of Reading Careers

Once available, Campus Jobs is easy to use, so make sure you deploy it to your advantage. Not only will you be able to study and work at the same time and in the same place, but you’ll also boost your career prospects and your bank balance at the same time.