Careers and Placements Fair 2018 – an event for everyone at Reading

Careers and Placements Fair 2018 Reading

Over 90 employers ready to meet Reading students of all degree disciplines at the Careers and Placements Fair 2018

Written by Alison Taylor, Careers Consultant

You might be surprised to hear that over 60% of jobs advertised to graduates are open to students who have studied any degree subject… that’s a lot of interesting possibilities!

If you’re one of Reading’s many arts, humanities or social science students, you might be wondering if it’s worth attending our Careers and Placements Fair on 24 October taking place in Palmer.

It’s all about big business, right? They won’t be interested in me, will they? Answer – NO! Our Fair will have over 90 organisations represented, from big names to small and medium-sized companies, and although some will be looking for graduates from specific courses, most will be happy to welcome and chat with students from all degree disciplines.

Why not call in and take a look? Did you know that big consultancy firm PwC recruits students from any subject area into their general consultancy areas? The NHS has a graduate scheme which includes a general management stream? Interested in a creative career? Come and talk to the Society of Young Publishers. Fancy going abroad? Speak to JET about teaching in Japan or Mountbatten Institute about internships in the U.S. …. Need I go on? That’s just 5 – leaving many more organisations to explore! Find out for yourself.

To access the full list of employers coming to 2018’s Careers and Placements Fair at the University of Reading, you can use the official Careers and Placements Fair plus app. It can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users and also accessed from your desktop. Not only will you be able to find employers and the booths they’ll be located at the Fair, but by using the app you’ll also have access to careers advice on how to prepare for the fair, how to interact with employers, questions to ask them and what to tell them in your follow-up emails.

What’s more, just like last year but more professionally this time and with better equipment to record sound (:-P), we’ve created a video featuring some of the employers attending the Careers Fair this year and some members of our team as well. Have a look, tell us what you think, and send us all your question about the upcoming Careers Fair.