Graduated within the last 24 months? Careers has a new programme just for you!

Let’s start by quickly dispelling a myth… the careers service is not just available to current University of Reading students.

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As a Graduate, you have access to our services for up to 24 months after completing your course. You are able to book 1:1 appointments with our dedicated Careers Consultants and attend an array of exciting campus events.

Not only that, this year – we have created a programme just for you, to fit around your schedule and ensure that you receive the support you need!

So, what’s new?

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Yes, you heard correctly. We understand that it isn’t always convenient to travel to our campus and it’s much simpler to log in and gain career guidance from where you are; whether that’s on your daily commute, on your lunchtime break or from the comfort of your own home.

These webinars cover a variety of different valuable topics that graduates’ come up against. Expert Employers, experienced Careers Consultants and Life Tools (Counselling and wellbeing) will help you tackle any obstacles effectively and get you on track to your desired future!

See upcoming graduate webinars

*You must book your place onto the webinar in order to gain access, the webinar link will be available for those who have booked on 72 hours before it begins.

In order to book on, you must have a graduate MyJobsOnline account, so register yourself as a graduate now and gain full access to our services.

… And what else?

Career support for you

There’s plenty of careers support available, just for you. You can:

Don’t miss out on these exclusive services just for you as a Graduate – we look forward to working with you!

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