Careers’ Social Impact Week – 27 February to 3 March

If you want to do some good while you are earning a living then our Social Impact week is for you.

We’ll be covering lots of areas:

  • Monday – Careers that make a difference
  • Tuesday – International development
  • Thursday – Charities and social enterprises
  • Friday – Environment and sustainability


In our sessions you’ll be able to meet people who contribute to a lot of these aspects which, we hope, will enable you to  reflect on:

Area – How do you want to make a difference? Is there a particular subject area you feel strongly about? There are many areas: children, vulnerable adults, animals, social justice, the environment or peace, for example.

Reach – At what level do you want to make a difference e.g. helping individuals, communities, countries, regions, the world?

Role – You’ll also want to consider what type of role you’d like to do within the sector. You could be the help giver, the fundraiser, the communicator, the advocate, the coordinator,  the investor, the subject knowledge expert, the operations manager, the marketeer – it’s a long, long list.


Explore further resources:

The events taking place this week may only be a small part of your career journey.

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Further inspiration: 

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Graham Philpott, Careers Consultancy Manager