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MY ANSWER LOGO“What are you going to do after uni?”.

It’s a question you hear time and time again across campus. There is a standard set of replies that normally follow the dreaded question. “No idea”, “haven’t got a clue”, “don’t ask” and “god knows” are amongst the most popular. If you find yourself in this rather sticky situation, you will be pleased to know you are not the first, nor will you be the last.

My Answer is a brand new series of guest blogs that aims to show you what other graduates did next and how you could go on to find your own answer to THAT question.


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“There was some method to the career madness”: Matt Arnerich.

“I found myself applying to jobs for the sake of it”: Russell Collier.

“It started with stacking shelves, not a Masters degree for the sake of taking one”: Adam Tosek.

“All I had to do now was quit”: Stephen Barnett.

“Three years after graduating I plucked up the courage to get my dream job”: Beth Leslie. 

“I resigned at the end of my first day.” – Nicky Denovan.

“If I had one bit of advice it would be this: Don’t look for a career.” – Glenn Tosek.

“I had absolutely no idea I would end up doing this, but everything’s worked out fine in the end and I’m perfectly happy.” – Andy Grayson


Found your feet since graduating? Write for us!

If you graduated from the University of Reading and left with no clue what you were going to do next, then we’d love you to contribute your answer!

Simply e-mail us at and let us know you want to write for your answer for our blog!


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