CV Checklist

Whether you have already written a CV or are due to write one, this checklist can guide you to ensure that your CV has or will have all the attributes required to gain the competitive edge with recruiters and course leaders, and secure the interview you want.

The checklist questions are split into the main categories that should be included in your CV.

Why not print off this page and check it against a draft copy of your CV?

To print a PDF copy of this checklist, please click here.

CV Checklist
Format and quality Yes/No
Is your name in bold/large font at the top of the CV?
Are the headings/sub-headings clear? Do they stand out?
Is it one or two full sides of A4?
Are there any large white spaces or areas that are too compact?
Is there at least a 1cm border between your text and the edge of the paper?
Are there errors in the spelling, grammar or use of punctuation?
Are any bullet points simply styled?
Have you used professional fonts and limited text formatting to bold/italics?
Can you see the key activities you have been involved in at a glance?
Add any comments relating to format and quality:
Content, emphasis and tailoring Yes/No
Do the headings used reflect the contents of the section?
Do headings sell the section content where possible?
Have the qualifications been described so as to bring out the relevant technical and/or transferable skills?
Do the descriptions of work experience and extra-curricular activities and interests explicitly convey the skills involved?
Do your best work and extra-curricular achievements stand out?
Has vocabulary been carefully selected to convey skills?
Are the most important pieces of experience and/or qualifications prominent and on the front page?
If you have a personal profile or career objective statement does it give the right impression?
Have you written in a positive style?
Are there any gaps in dates?
Add any comments relating to content, emphasis and tailoring:
The final decision Yes/No
Would you interview you given your CV? If not, why not?
List here the key changes you want to make to improve your CV:

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