Setting yourself new challenges to enhance employability skills during lockdown

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Employers are looking for candidates with a good academic ability as well as a strong set of transferable skills.

If at interview you were asked how did you use the lockdown time to learn something new, what would you showcase?

Set below are suggestions for developing skills recruiters are looking for even when you are behind closed doors:

  1. Innovation – we are all looking at new ways to do things.  You may decide to learn to cook, to create new recipes or set up a community group to shop for others.
  2. Strategic Thinking – you may take up chess, play online tournaments or try crosswords or Sudoku.
  3.  Precision and Accuracy – you may take-up new crafts, develop new interests or activities learn.   New skills such as languages or sign-language or driving theory.
  4. Problem Solving – Look at ways to recycle items for a new application, identify ways to alleviate boredom, or make resources go further.
  5. Comfort Zone – demonstrate your ability to go outside this by keeping fit with new exercises, reading outside your normal genre or setting yourself other new goals or targets.
  6. Digital Developmentget to grips with Excel, write a blog, prepare a podcast, Use M.O.O.Cs  to learn something new,  or create a website.
  7. Set up your profile on LinkedIn – this will enable you to network with alumni, local and national employers and facilitate job hunting and much more.

What else can you do?

Whilst there may not be sufficient emergency roles for those who want them, or openings for online working at the moment, some of the above suggestions may prove helpful when articulating flexibility, tenacity, and endurance to potential employers.  After all, you want to convey you can cope with adversity and take a proactive approach as enhancing these skills is beneficial in the long run.

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