Graduate careers in Africa

Africa on a globe - vintage

A few years ago The Guardian published an article about career opportunities in Africa. The article continues to draw much interest as graduates broaden their horizons as they look for potential careers.

As the Far East apparently becomes more westernised, Africa draws those interested in a different way of working and doing business. But what a difference these few years have made since the article was published. The excitement about the MINT economies has somewhat abated. Ethiopia now has the fastest growing economy in Africa with increased privatisation and a move away from agriculture.

Chinese investment in Africa continues to grow. Whilst controversial, the investments have funded significant infrastructure programmes in many countries and support substantial supply chains. Despite this, there is still a strong culture of entrepreneurship – particularly in technology. There can be strong collaboration between entrepreneurs and the continent produces some brilliant creativity.

The advice in The Guardian article remains relevant. It’s difficult to predict any impact on visas that might come after brexit. There are a number of Reading University alumni living and working in Africa who might be willing to give some advice and share their experience.

For most graduates, relocating to Africa would be a major decision and one where family and friends would need reassurance. The careers team can help you think carefully about such a decision, challenging your perceptions and providing you with the guidance needed to make a fully informed decision.

Article written by Andrew Falconer. 

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