Green Festival – how will you make a difference?


How do I work out how to focus my career on environmental issues?

The following resources are a great starting point to test your thinking about where your talents might be best placed.

solar panels and wind turbine










Start by reading up on the environment sector and its current issues. Which resonates most with you?

Next, explore some of the key roles open to graduates if you want to focus directly on environmental impact.

Consider how far the issues connect with your interests and whether the roles harness your skills and strengths.

  1. What does an environmental consultant do?
  2. How does that compare to an environmental manager? 
  3. What about limiting energy consumption?
  4. What about sustainability?
  5. Or how about dealing properly with the immense amount of waste we create so it doesn’t end up in our water sources?
  6. Alternatively, you could undertake research on these issues as an academic 










However, you may find yourself drawn more to policy, campaigning and education regarding these kinds of issues.  As a result, there are a whole host of other jobs you could consider to make an impact. To do these roles you need to put communication at the centre of what you do, are these your strengths?

  1. Would I enjoy being an environmental education officer and educate the public?
  2. Or should I work for a charity campaigning with key decision-makers for changes in legislation and policy
  3. Could I support the Government in implementing environmental policy?
  4. Or could I present these issues to the public on TV or other media

As you can see, there are hundreds of ways in which you can target your efforts on work that will improve our impact on the environment.

The question is which one will you choose?

Blog written by Tania Lyden, Careers Consultant