Want to someday start your own business? Check out Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship

Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship (HCfE) is the University of Reading’s hub for entrepreneurship initiatives and provides advice, support and opportunities for students across campus, whatever your course. Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship logo

If you’re looking to make connections with other students that are also looking to start a business and be their own boss, the Entrepreneurship Society is the place to start. The Society aims to encourage student innovation and entrepreneurship through a range of exciting events, including the annual Entrepreneurship Flagship Conference. With talks, panel discussions and more, featuring several alumni that have since founded their own business as guest speakers, it’s a great chance to build your understanding of running a business, ask questions and make the first steps on your entrepreneurial journey. 

If you already have an idea for a business that you’d like to develop but need some advice on the next steps, the Business Idea and Start-Up Clinic, is here to help. The Clinic offers one-to-one support for students and alumni with a business idea, with business experts sharing their expertise and outlining practical guidance to take a business idea to the next level. The appointments are completely free and can be booked multiple times, making it a pathway to turn your business idea into a reality! 

If you’ve got a business idea you’re working on, we also offer the use of the Entrepreneurship Hub. This Hub is a shared workspace for students that are in the process of developing a business idea. The big benefit of using the Hub is the chance to work alongside like-minded students with the same entrepreneurial spirit – working in the same communal space, you can collaborate effectively, share ideas and even build partnerships.

Find out more about how HCfE helps students set up their own business on their website. There are a whole range of further events, initiatives and even chances to win over £1,000 of prize money, so if you get involved the sky’s the limit!

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