How can I find an ethical employer?

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For many students exploring career options and looking for graduate roles, finding an employer who shares their personal values is an important factor. In some cases, this may lead you to look for work in a particular sector, or you may be open-minded.  An ‘ethical employer’ will mean different things to different people, but if ethics or personal values are a key criterion for you, here are three websites on which you can start to explore your options:

  • Certified B Corporation: companies with this certification have undergone a thorough assessment of their social and environmental performance – from the treatment of workers and raw materials used, to supply chain and charitable giving. There are Certified B Corp employers in a wide range of sectors and the website has a searchable directory.


  • you can filter the jobs on this website according to the types of initiatives the employers offer, for example, gender equality, LGBT, race/ethnic minority, disability, wellbeing, corporate social responsibility… the list of options is extensive!


  • 80,000 hours: if you have 80,000 hours in your career, how could you put these to best effect to solve the world’s most pressing problems? The 80,000 hours community take an analytical approach to helping individuals explore this question for themselves. Here you can explore blog content, podcasts, and a jobs board.


Ultimately, it’s important to explore for yourself how a company puts the values they promote into practice through the work they do and the way in which they operate. Look for opportunities to speak to people who work there and, if you’re offered a job interview, take this chance to ask questions on the topic. If you’d like to explore further the impact of your personal values on career decision making, why not come in and talk to one of our careers consultants?