How to get into advertising and marketing

City illuminated by adverts

Finding Success in Advertising/Marketing

City illuminated by adverts

There is a general misconception of what ‘advertising’ in its entirety is. Adverting isn’t just print, billboards and tv; it’s not even simply visual for that matter.

Advertising is the process of aligning an offering with a market, whatever the medium or channel one might use.


There are so many different verticals of advertising/marketing across different channels. The vertical I specialise in – client acquisition – is the channel of direct outbound telemarketing or tele-prospecting.

This vertical is the process (or rather art some may say) of reaching out to a set demographic, and through well-conceived rhetoric pitch, align an offering (a product or service) with a prospects’ needs or challenges.

As the founder of international B2B Telemarketing group Big Wolf Marketing, many people often ask me “How do I get into marketing and do well?”

My first point would be to find what you are truly passionate about in the marketing sector; what vertical or channel of marketing floats your boat. You might then want to segment yourself into one of the split categories of either B2B marketing or advertising or B2C marketing.

For clarity, B2B relates to business to business advertising, marketing and or sales strategy focused at businesses. Whereas B2C is focused toward a consumer customer, an individual.

When you have a good sense of the vertical you want to work in, look at who shines, who is a great success in this area and a leader. Once you have this you have direction. Read the books of leaders in this field, watch YouTube videos, absorb, learn and become obsessed. It’s through completely mastering the knowledge around your art and exercising this which defines you as expert.

When you have your specialist area within your vertical of advertising/marketing, I would recommend that you don’t look for a graduate position that you can fit into. Rather, look for companies or agencies that can fit you into their team. Understanding that you are talent, without assumptive entitlement, but with the positive willing to work hard, is key.

Be willing to do everything within an agency.

This includes the jobs and the aspects of the role you may not like. By embracing that which is difficult, boring or ‘not you’, you will get a fuller sense of the overall business. By mastering the business aspect and operations of the business you will then be able to truly excel at what you love.

Finally, know the power in the persuasion of advertising/marketing This is the ability to connect audiences with ideas and opportunities. Be passionate about what you do and give your all, so that every day you get up – not dreading the day ahead – but foreseeing where you can add value.

Author: Pierre Coombes Founder & Managing director of Big Wolf Marketing (