How to Prepare for an Interview

Written by Samantha Meredith, Talent Aquisition Specialist, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

What is the old saying ‘to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail?’ I am sure that this is also the case with interviewing. As a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, I can separate a well-prepared candidate from a #winging-it candidate in a matter of minutes!

So how do you prepare for an interview? First things first: you need to look the part. Did you know that according to Kim Zoller at Image Dynamics 55% of another person’s perception of you is based on the way you look? So in the first few seconds of meeting a potential employer, before you have even said a word, they have already formed an opinion.

Hence why it’s important to look professional during an interview, be careful of trends, ensure that you look smart (guys: that’s top button done up and tie, yes tie, all the way to the top!) Purchasing a suit seems like a huge investment, however, it’s money well spent, and will always come in handy for the work business lunches once you have secured the role! My advice on interview dress is – if you are not sure, ask! If you don’t want to ask, it’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

Right, how you look the part, how are you going to convince the recruiter that you are a great fit for their position? The key is research:


  • The Company
  • The Role
  • The Career Path


  • The Internet
  • Careers Fairs
  • University Careers Centers’
  • Contact the Company

So why is this research important? When you go through any recruitment process the employer is not just assessing whether you are the right person for the job. It’s also about ensuring that the company and role match up with your goals, values and aspirations too. Not only that, but knowing more about the company will help you gain confidence – we all feel more at ease talking about subjects on which we have some knowledge, and this will also help you appear enthusiastic about the role.

Every recruiter wants to know that you are truly interested in the position that you are applying for. Once you have researched the company, you will probably find that you will have some more questions about the company or the role you are applying for – what better than to have some good, relevant questions already prepared for the typically dreaded question at the end of interviews: “So, what questions do you have for me?”.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you found it useful. For more advice like this and for a range of Graduate Management jobs available, please visit the Enterprise Rent-A-Car website.