Who can write for us? 

If you belong to one of the following categories, then we are happy to welcome you to become a guest blogger: 

  • University of Reading students and alumni, ambassadors, recent graduates 
  • Employers/recruiters 
  • Qualified careers advisers 
  • Content writers specialising in Careers advice 
  • Professional courses/conversion course representatives. 

Before starting your article, please review and consider the following. We’ve included some successful articles for inspiration. 

Types of posts we accept and posts which aren’t suitable for our blog 

Acceptable posts include: 

  • interviews with students, company founders, HR professionals, Careers Advisers 
  • ‘How to…’ articles written in an approachable voice, conveying practical advice, actionable tips, useful know-how 
  • competition shout-outs 
  • step-by-step guides meant to help students achieve career objectives 
  • articles from past and present students sharing their experiences, written in the first person 
  • employer profiles which contain a brief presentation of the company and of the working environment and its employees, and a career development guide for the students who might want to work there. 

Posts which aren’t suitable: 

  • articles used specifically for marketing purposes. 
  • plagiarized or copyrighted content 
  • posts unrelated to Careers 
  • posts promoting the services that would compete with or replace those offered by our Careers Centre 
  • posts by providers of services that are against the spirit of academia, e.g. essay writing services 
  • content not tailored to students studying in the UK 

Content submission and the review process 

Before writing an article, please make sure you have read the information in the guide, then simply get in touch to check your theme and idea with us. 

You can express your interest by completing the contact form on the Submit to our Blog page. 

We’ll then review your theme to make sure it’s suitable for our students. Once your theme has been approved, you will be notified by our team. We then ask you to write and submit the content, via email, within two weeks. Once submitted, we will review your article and suggest changes if needed. Before publishing the post, we will send you a reviewed version for approval if necessary. 

Your post will then be scheduled and made available to students. 

Repost and sharing policy 

Our policy is simple: share away. We care about our blog and so where possible, content will appear on our social networks. In some instances, we may also put it up on our online student portal. 

We strongly encourage you to share content from the Careers Blog, and if you do, please give us a mention via the social channels linked on the bottom of this page. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines, we hope everything is clear, but if you do have any questions, please email us: careers@reading.ac.uk 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Happy Blogging!