Media, Marketing & Communications Week

As the term goes by, more events are approaching. I’d like to introduce our upcoming Careers in Media, Marketing and Communications week! 

Media, Marketing & Communications flyer

As internships, placements, and graduate jobs in the marketing sector are very popular among Reading students, the University’s Careers team wants to help you explore this sector and gain insight from others in this career path.  

As a marketing student currently working in communications, I wholeheartedly believe students with even the tiniest interest in the media, marketing and communication sectors should attend these sessions to find out more.  

To give you an insider’s perspective, there will be themed sessions across the week. These will be a mix of online and in person sessions open to all students irrespective of your department.   

The following events will be held: 

  • Explore Careers in Marketing and Social Media
    Hear from marketing and social media professionals about their day to day activities, how to get work experience and how to secure a job in marketing and social media after graduating. Come hear what our panel has to say about a career in social media and marketing.  
  • Explore Careers in Journalism
    An online event on Microsoft Teams, prospective journalists and all with interest in journalism are invited! Learn what journalism is all about and see if you’d like a career in it, our panel is more than happy to help you.  
  • Explore Careers in PR and Communications
    Public relations and communications go hand in hand. From managing a company’s reputation to creating content and communication strategies, these sectors are often looked into. With professionals ready to share their stories, why don’t you book a spot and come over? 


Students will hear from professionals in various sectors. With the chance to hear about their personal experiences and ask questions, these aren’t events to miss.  

Not only do these count towards your RED Award, students will be able to hear from professionals and gain invaluable career advice. If you have time and want to learn more, book your space on My Jobs Online now (you can also click the headers above to point to the events directly).  

For more information about the events and our panellists visit Careers in Media, Marketing and Communications 


Written by: Michelle Chinazaekpere Edochie, Communications Co-ordinator (Placement Year) and Consumer Behaviour and Marketing student.