I want to complete an application form

Why recruiters use application forms Types of application form How to prepare Common questions from students How do I disclose sensitive information? How do I make the most of my education and qualifications? How do I organise my employment experience? How do I handle the longer questions? Getting started How do I tackle the personal …

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I want to write a successful CV

The purpose of a CV Different CV styles Typical CV headings Order and emphasis Layout Positive language Tailoring Disclosure of difficult information Covering letters CV Review Want more? The purpose of a CV A CV aims to secure you an interview, but can also be used to apply for a course, show a networking contact …

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Challenging application form questions

Why do you want this job? Why do you want to work for this organisation? What would you bring to the job? How will you add value to the organisation? What sets you apart from other candidates? Give me an example of where you have worked in a team, solved a challenging problem, motivated someone… …

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Improve your CV with these 4 volunteering ideas!

This post has been provided by a third party – please read our disclaimer. The summer break is a great time to reflect on how you have developed during the last academic year and how you want to improve your career prospects outside of your degree. You may already have some work experience lined up, …

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CV Checklist

Whether you have already written a CV or are due to write one, this checklist can guide you to ensure that your CV has or will have all the attributes required to gain the competitive edge with recruiters and course leaders, and secure the interview you want. The checklist questions are split into the main …

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