What makes a successful copywriter?

This article has been provided by an external organisation – please read our disclaimer. One question that persists for all university students is – “what am I going to do when I leave uni?” For some of you studying English and other related courses, a career as a copywriter may have suggested itself. But this raises …

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Five ways joining an SME can kick-start your career

It’s cap and gown time. Goodbye and ‘Keep in touch’ time. Praying the landlord hands back your deposit time. And it’s also the time when the question, ‘So, what’s next?’ becomes ever more pressing. Little is said of the organisations that provide 60%* of private sector jobs and are often cited as ‘the backbone of …

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Assessment centre and interview videos

Did you know the Careers Centre website has a fantastic collection of online videos to help you prepare for graduate assessment centres and interview situations? These include the Journey to Work series, At the Assessment Centre, Making an Impact: The Graduate Job Interview, Your Job’s Online (how to maximise your chances of success when completing …

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I want to complete an application form

Why recruiters use application forms Types of application form How to prepare Common questions from students How do I disclose sensitive information? How do I make the most of my education and qualifications? How do I organise my employment experience? How do I handle the longer questions? Getting started How do I tackle the personal …

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I want to write a successful CV

The purpose of a CV Different CV styles Typical CV headings Order and emphasis Layout Positive language Tailoring Disclosure of difficult information Covering letters CV Review Want more? The purpose of a CV A CV aims to secure you an interview, but can also be used to apply for a course, show a networking contact …

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