A Guide to Startup Success for Students

Hannah Walters (The Writers Guild) More individuals are starting their own businesses than ever before. According to recent statistics, the majority of these are individuals currently studying at university. Students are launching their own businesses at a rate of one every two hours. This is hardly surprising. Starting your own business at university can be …

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Top Tips for Applying to Graduate Schemes

Graduate schemes

Written by Caroline Thomas, Geography and Environmental Science student  Taking the next step on from life as a graduate at university can sometimes feel daunting nowadays with many pathways open to students leading in different directions. The opportunities are endless – with many students going on to do further study, some taking time out, some …

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Take part in a UROP investigation!

Help your fellow students with their UROP research investigation by completing their survey. “Hi there, Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of summer! We are inviting you to take part in a survey being conducted as part of two UROP funded research projects exploring the factors behind degree choice and student educational success.  Your response …

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How to gain valuable experience while studying

Three students sitting on the Palmer Quad in the summer

Written by Isabel Vernon, Geography and Environment Science student While studying at university, it can be quite easy just to focus solely on lectures and assignments, but it is really important to consider getting other types of experience as well. When you start looking for work after university, employers will want to know what else …

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International students, the extra mile to work in the UK

Written by Maria Neves, BA Politics and International Relations student The implications faced by foreigners to work in the UK seem endless and ever-changing which makes the quest for work more challenging. There is definitely this fact that international students find it difficult to reach companies or employers for business and it frequently doesn’t work …

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