Build your problem-solving skills

hands putting thread into a needleDepending on the job you apply for, the interviewing process can be different. For some positions, you could be asked a series of practical questions or to solve a problem right there and then. You might be nervous because of the whole process, and under pressure, you might go blank.

What you have to remember at times like this is not to panic. There are ways of getting around this.

  1. Getting stuck is a natural thing to happen when taken by surprise or being under pressure. You are human, and employers understand that. What you can do is show them you are willing to find a solution, think of the problem and try different ways of getting to a result. It shows you can stay calm under pressure and have problem-solving skills.
  2. Solve the problem bit by bit. Split your task into sections and take small steps to solve it. Define the problem, be clear about what you have to achieve and the best way to achieve the result.
  3. Use your previous experience. It is possible that in a previous job or part of your course you had to deal with a similar task. Think how you solved it and use the same method. But always take into consideration your potential employer’s needs, the company’s vision, and offer them a tailored solution to their problem.
  4. Try to avoid template answers and tackle the problem your way. Seeing things from your perspective will lead to unique answers and will show your degree of professionalism.

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