So, do you have any questions? Top tips from Deloitte!

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Have an interview for your dream graduate job or placement? James Nugent, Graduate Recruitment Officer at Deloitte offers these top tips on how to ace the question that comes at the end of the interview ‘So, have you an questions for us?’

“While there is no such thing as a silly question, your choice and wording of a question may have an important impact on its outcome. This is a valuable opportunity to demonstrate why you are the right candidate for a position.  It is therefore important that this opportunity works for you, not against you. Ideally you should prepare a number of well researched questions that demonstrate a deep understanding of the organisation that you have applied to and which provides a platform for you to really engage with the interviewer.  Remember, you aren’t simply trying to get a job – you want to ensure it is the right job for you. So do ask questions that really matter to you and not what you think you should be asking. One top tip is to ask the interviewer for their experiences of the company. This will offer a unique personal insight into the team/firm you may be joining.”

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