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Careers’ Social Impact Week – 27 February to 3 March

If you want to do some good while you are earning a living then our Social Impact week is for you. We’ll be covering lots of areas: Monday – Careers that make a difference Tuesday – International development Thursday – Charities and social enterprises Friday – Environment and sustainability   In our sessions you’ll be …

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How do I write an academic CV?

In this final post on PhDs and careers, we are looking into one of the most underrated elements of the PhD: the academic CV.  The main reason you will likely create an academic CV is because you wish to apply to academic jobs. However, creating a record of your achievements obtained throughout your PhD can …

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Academia – is it for me?

An arrow facing right shows the progression of an academic career from Assistant lecturer through to Professor.

Over the course of this month, staff writer, Domonique Davies, will cover some key topics relating to PhDs and Careers. This mini-series will look to discuss important questions regarding your career planning journey when considering life after the PhD, with an article released each week. A PhD can open many doors after you have completed …

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The Negotiation Skills That You May Need for Everyday Life… and Your Career by WikiJob

The word ‘negotiation’ may initially conjure images of multi-million-pound deals or international treaties. It’s hard to imagine that such a powerful concept could feature in your life so soon after you graduate. But you may be surprised to learn that negotiations can come in all shapes and sizes, and as you enter the world of …

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in the UK by Monica Mizzi

Do you often find yourself lost in a rabbit hole of searching for properties? Or maybe you’re looking for a job where you can leverage your strong communication, negotiation, and problem solving skills? A career as a real estate agent  might be for you. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different ways you …

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