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We believe that opportunity should be for everybody, including you

We understand that it can be difficult to explore new opportunities, especially if you feel that you don’t belong or are struggling with confidence. That is why we’re inviting you to be part of a safe and supportive community with the RE:ACTION 24/7 programme. RE:ACTION 24/7 is a 6-week FREE virtual programme consisting of live and on-demand …

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ChatGPT – is it any use for careers questions?

Have you had a play with ChatGPT yet? It’s caused quite a stir. For the uninitiated, ChatPGT is a chat bot – you type in a question and it gives you a really fluent answer, much more fluent than anything that has gone before. So that led me (prompted initially by my colleague Dan) to …

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Little and often – an approach to sustainable applications

The Christmas holidays is always a big time for graduate, placement and internship applications. There are lots of sensible reasons for this such as the avoidance of the assignment, the whiff of a New Year’s resolution, the nagging of parents, or the impending nature of lots of application closing dates. Not to mention the excuse …

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Taking a PhD outside of the lab and lecture hall

In this weeks penultimate PhD post, we venture outside of labs and lecture halls to explore the options available outside of the traditional academic pathway. If you are considering your options post-PhD and aren’t sure that academia is for you, read on to find out where your degree could take you. More than ever, PhD …

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I’m doing a PhD. How am I employable?

Following on from last week’s article, ‘Academia – Is it for me?’, this week, we will be focusing on how your PhD makes you employable. Identifying the skills and experiences that you learn over the course of a PhD and translating them into applications for jobs can be hard. However, there are many ways your …

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