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Covering letters for job applications

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Many job applications ask for a covering letter to accompany a CV and often this creates confusion between what to include in your CV and what to put in your covering letter. As cover letters determine that first impression you give an employer, it’s important to know how to approach them. Come along to this …

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Finalists: application essentials – application forms, CVs & cover letters

If you’re ready to apply, we’re ready for you! This extended workshop (90 min) gives you all the key information and techniques to get you ready to apply with skill and success! You’ll gain: – An overview of the application process mainly for written and online applications; – Key techniques to make your application form …

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How to robot-proof your cover letter and pass an ATS hurdle

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  You’ve just graduated from university. Your degree hangs nicely on the wall. Now—the pressure is on to get a job. Otherwise, you might have to move back in with your parents, and that’s probably the last thing you want. So, you head over to LinkedIn in search of delicious job offers that could potentially …

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