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How do I write an academic CV?

In this final post on PhDs and careers, we are looking into one of the most underrated elements of the PhD: the academic CV.  The main reason you will likely create an academic CV is because you wish to apply to academic jobs. However, creating a record of your achievements obtained throughout your PhD can …

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Top 10 Leadership Skills: Definitions and Examples

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Written by the WikiJob Team For anyone looking to progress to a management position or show their effectiveness when faced with authority, leadership skills are a must. From guidance as to what skills good leadership requires and why it matters, to the top 10 leadership interview questions that you’re likely to encounter, we have you covered. What Are Leadership Skills? …

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The best Big Data analyst CV: 7 tips for presenting your skills

The question of finding a job is always relevant among students. Some of them even manage to gain experience in companies while studying. In this post, we will discuss why the profession of Big Data analyst is so relevant and how to create a CV for this position properly. Big Data Analyst: The Most Wanted …

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Writing tips from famous authors to boost your job applications

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No matter what career you want to go into, there’s one occasion when you need to be a great writer and that’s when applying for jobs. Whether it’s finding the best succinct way to get all the right information in your CV or knowing how to sell your skills and experience in a captivating way …

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The top 10 CV mistakes

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Writing a CV is challenging at the best of times, but by avoiding some of the more common pitfalls, you’ll find you’ll end up with a pretty good CV.  Go for quality, not quantity, by checking your CV isn’t harbouring any of these common errors. 1. Not all first impressions are good When a recruiter …

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