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Top 5 Topics to Know About Master’s Study

Written by Maria Goncalves Neves, Politics & International Relations student. Whatever reason made you read this blog post; you’ve come to the right place! Unlike me, most students attending the session seemed pretty solid about their thoughts on master courses. Still, many remain unsure about the options available and how to proceed after graduation, therefore …

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What to consider if you’re thinking of doing a PhD during the pandemic and beyond

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Written by Oliver Drake, Recruitment Specialist and Partnership Manager at CareersinHE.com Deciding whether to study for a PhD can be tough at the best of times, yet the huge societal changes and uncertainty associated with the current pandemic have added a whole new dimension to this weighty conundrum. This post will help you decide whether …

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Is postgraduate study for you? It was for Rachel Newton, here’s what she has to say…

vintage illustrations representing history on a plum strip

Full Name: Rachel Newton Undergraduate Course: History What type of postgraduate study did you do/are you doing? Master’s What is the title of your postgraduate course: History Why did you decide to undertake postgraduate study: I wanted to continue with the research I had undertaken at undergraduate level on Nancy Astor. Also, I had the opportunity …

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Life before a PhD – Returning to Education after working

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We caught up recently with one of our help desk team here at campus Jobs – Chris Bartley who is a current PhD student in Henley Business School. Prior to coming to Reading for his PhD Chris completed an Undergraduate, Masters degree and has also held various roles with HSBC and British Airways. So Chris…Tell …

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Researchers campus buildings are named after

Ariel View of Campus

If we were to say Edith Morley to you, your mind might immediately jump to getting lost in a maze of corridors. Just as the mere mention of JJ Thomson, Hopkins and Harry Nursten might trigger memories of wondering around in first year, lost on campus, trying to find the right building. Few University of …

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