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Finding work during the holidays

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With the Autumn term now over, you might have some spare time while not in lectures, seminars or labs. While it is important to rest and get ready for the new term, you might be thinking about taking on some temporary vacation work. Vacations are a great time to earn some money and improve your …

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Using Instagram for job searching

Using Instagram for Job Searching

Instagram might not be something that immediately springs to mind as you embark upon your job search. ‘Isn’t that what LinkedIn is for?’ I hear you cry. Well, yes – LinkedIn is a powerful tool for your average job seeker, but many overlook their Instagram account and brands’ pages in their search for work. Whilst …

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How to find a job

Job hunting and strategies Using a Careers Service Using jobsites and other websites Using employer websites Using Recruitment Consultancies Capitalising on prior experience at work Creative job search Want more? Job hunting and the different strategies you can use Large numbers of graduate leave university every year, but most find their way into jobs within …

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