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Top 5 coding languages to learn in 2018

This guest post was created in collaboration with Venturi Group, one of the UK’s top IT recruitment agencies. As an IT recruitment agency, we work with developers who are skilled in many different coding languages. We always keep tabs on those languages that are increasing in popularity so we can keep our candidates informed about …

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What is it about? What would I do? Is it for me? Where can I find out more? What can I do now to improve my chances? What is it about? Interpreters convert spoken statements from one language to another. Interpreting involves listening to, understanding and memorising content, then reproducing statements, questions and speeches in …

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Speak a 2nd language and looking for work?

…then contact the team at Appointments Bi-Language. They have 18 years experience in matching skilled candidates to a broad range of roles in a wide variety of industries.  Email them your CV or go and talk to them about your future plans whether you  are looking for a full-time career or part-time work to fit …

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