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Should Students Bother With LinkedIn?

As a student, it’s always a good idea to do what you can at university to make your life a little easier when you graduate. One of the best things you can do is set yourself up on LinkedIn and start building your personal portfolio. You may think that you don’t need it right now …

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How working at a global leader in taste solutions has enhanced my career

When you are passionate about all sorts of food, cooking recipes, great tastes and exotic spices joining a global food manufacturer following my graduation in Food Technology was a great introduction to the food industry.  I wished to work on as many products as I could: best-selling sauces, worldwide known dressings and why not even …

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How to start your career as a student

A brown pin board with red lines connecting the words 'areer' in the middle to 'goals', 'education', 'interests' and 'skills'.

Written by Shu Ming, Real Estate and Planning Undergraduate A lot of us who are currently studying at the University feel unclear or unsure about what to do in the future. I receive many questions and comments from my surrounding friends such as, “I can’t see what I am doing in the next five years”, …

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Top 5 Topics to Know About Master’s Study

Written by Maria Goncalves Neves, Politics & International Relations student. Whatever reason made you read this blog post; you’ve come to the right place! Unlike me, most students attending the session seemed pretty solid about their thoughts on master courses. Still, many remain unsure about the options available and how to proceed after graduation, therefore …

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How to fight nerves during an interview

Person sat opposite an interview panel

Written by Caroline Thomas, final year BSc Geography (Physical) student In the current day and age, students are often required to complete many interviews throughout their time at University, sometimes needing to attend multiple interviews just for one position. This commonly creates a lot of anxiety, especially with competition remaining high, and pressure building up …

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