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Thriving while helping students’ careers thrive too!

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Can you introduce yourself?   I’m Molly and I’m working as the Careers Mentoring Assistant for the THRIVE Scheme in the Careers Centre at UoR. I graduated from the university in July with a BA in English Literature and enjoyed my degree and Reading Uni experience so much I decided to come back and work for them too!  …

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Benefits of undertaking a virtual internship during the pandemic

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When the first lockdown came, the dynamics of how organizations operated changed. Employers and partners worked together to run virtual internships for students, in order for students to gain a real understanding of the company and the sector despite the difficulties posed. Having found my virtual internship on LinkedIn through Inside Sherpa – now known as Forage. It was a tremendous opportunity to learn …

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A little goes a long way during lockdown

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Caroline Thomas, a Physical Geographer at Reading, shares how her experiences during lockdown had an important local social impact and contributed to a true feeling of community.  Can you introduce yourself? Hi, I’m Caroline and I am a 3rd Year Physical Geography student here at the University of Reading. Can you share with us a …

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How I used my humanities degree to get into content marketing

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Great news: my humanities degree got me into a content marketing career! Hi, I’m Daisy 👋 I graduated from the University of Reading with a First Class BA Classical Studies and English Literature degree in the strange summer of 2020. Since then I’ve actually managed to score a full-time Content Marketing Executive role at DigitalGrads, …

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Postgraduate study: a case study from MA Public Policy student Cait Pilkington

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Full Name: Cait Pilkington Undergraduate Course: BA History and Politics What type of postgraduate study did you do/are you doing? Master’s What is the title of your postgraduate course: MA Public Policy Why did you decide to undertake postgraduate study: I wanted to focus my interests in an area I was really interested in, which …

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