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Nonverbal Communication Skills

Person sat opposite an interview panel

Please find a guest post submitted by our friends at Wikijob, particularly valuable in an interview setting or when networking: ============================================= In a world where technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate, it’s more important than ever to brush up on our nonverbal communication skills. Here are 10 skills you need to learn to …

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Great news if you’re job hunting in Reading

Based on the Thames Valley LEP report, in Berkshire the number of new jobs created soared from 590 to 1,270 in 2021/22. Some sectors have been more resilient than others, with life sciences and digital technology industry continuing to thrive, whilst industries such as hospitality, tourism and travel were decimated by the pandemic and are …

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National Careers Week: What does your Careers Department offer?

Welcome to Careers! Hi everyone, my name’s Jasmine, I’m a second-year content creator for the Careers department. It’s National Careers Week! So what better time to talk about the Careers department here on campus? Careers is a free hub of guidance and information for students, whether you’re about to graduate and embarking upon the next …

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ChatGPT – is it any use for careers questions?

Have you had a play with ChatGPT yet? It’s caused quite a stir. For the uninitiated, ChatPGT is a chat bot – you type in a question and it gives you a really fluent answer, much more fluent than anything that has gone before. So that led me (prompted initially by my colleague Dan) to …

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Unexpected Advice and how to use it

There are so many decision points when it comes to deciding on a career path and developing an action plan that will help you get there. No one has all the answers, so one of the things we advocate in the Careers Team is you going out and doing your own research. In this instance, …

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