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Remote Onboarding for Your New Job? Here’s How You Can Still Make a Great Impression

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Author bio: Andrew Arkley is the founder of PurpleCV, one of the UK’s leading CV writing companies, and has over 15 years’ experience in HR and recruitment at a senior level. Starting your new job from home instead of in the office can feel pretty intimidating. But worry not! There are tonnes of ways you …

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The Student Remote Worker Survival Checklist

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Written by Passion.io Working from home!? That’ll never work for me, how can I concentrate with so many distractions around me? If you feel like this you’re not alone. The past few months have seen a huge shift in the way people are working (I’m sure we don’t need to tell you why) and the …

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Top 5 tips for effective remote working

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1. Create some routines! It can be hard working on your own. You can make it easier if you put structure in place. Structures include things like: Setting up a workspace where you go every day to do your work (probably not in bed!). Go there at the same time each day and start at …

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