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Opportunities to upskill and potentially monetise free training

Before joining the University of Reading as a Careers Consultant, I spent 25 years working in the High Tech sector for Microsoft and Apple. As such, I retain a lot of industry contacts and do like to keep on top of developments in that space. Many leading IT companies understand that in order to attract …

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I’m doing a PhD. How am I employable?

Following on from last week’s article, ‘Academia – Is it for me?’, this week, we will be focusing on how your PhD makes you employable. Identifying the skills and experiences that you learn over the course of a PhD and translating them into applications for jobs can be hard. However, there are many ways your …

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Top 10 Leadership Skills: Definitions and Examples

A woman standing up speaking to a group of people.

Written by the WikiJob Team For anyone looking to progress to a management position or show their effectiveness when faced with authority, leadership skills are a must. From guidance as to what skills good leadership requires and why it matters, to the top 10 leadership interview questions that you’re likely to encounter, we have you covered. What Are Leadership Skills? …

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5 Essential Skills For Running Your Own Business – Reading University

Alex Grace is the Managing Director of Banana Moon, a Leeds-based personalised clothing company. Running your own business is not an easy task, especially in today’s climate. Whilst external factors can have a huge impact on a business’ success, it also takes a certain set of skills to be able to navigate the, sometimes tricky, …

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Top soft skills that employers look for in job candidates

It’s not uncommon for recruiters to encounter applicants who have all of the technical competencies required for the job–and then turn them down. This is because recruiters also look at an applicant’s soft skills. Compared to hard or technical skills, soft skills are more intangible and difficult to objectively measure. These can include personal qualities, …

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