The workshop for your career in marketing

For a career in marketing, experience plays a big part. It is actual work, trial and error processes which make good marketers. If you are a recent graduate with a degree in Marketing or Business and little experience but would like to launch your career, the Graduate Marketing Workshop will get you started. This event organised by The SR group and Carter Murray, recruitment agencies, will take place on the 21st of June in London.

The action plan for the day includes:

  1. Introduction into Marketing roles, in the Professional Services, Financial Services, Commerce & Industry sectors
  2. The different between B2B and B2C Marketing
  3. Overview of salaries and career progression
  4. CV workshop
  5. Interview tips and technique
  6. Ongoing job search support

One essential capability of marketers is foresight; if you can see how this workshop will contribute to shaping your career, apply by sending an email at