Top 4 tips for aspiring data scientists

Data screen

On Monday 03 February 2020, we welcomed Jamie Samson as a speaker at our ‘Explore Careers in Data Science & Analytics’ event.

Data screen

Jamie has had an interesting career path; from Meercat Research to the Head of Data Science and Insights at Mindfolio and he shared his top tips for aspiring data scientists:

  1. Build up your skills portfolio, for instance by using GitHub as a repository
  2. Verse yourself in the scientific process – importantly have a clear hypothesis
  3. You don’t have to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut, sometimes there is a simpler method
  4. Go on Twitter and follow the areas that interest you to unlock a huge knowledge base


So, there you have it, four simple ways to improve your knowledge and insights for careers in data science and analytics.

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