Volunteering Opportunities

Opportunity What you will be doing Face-to-face or online  National or local Time commitment Deadline for application
Your Space Time fundraiser Create new opportunities with mental health for disadvantaged communities via a mobile counselling service and assisting in expanding the service through fundraising. Online National Dependent on the volunteer’s availability 1st July 2020
Rare Charity fundraiser You will be required to assist in plugging the Rare Charity’s funding gap so that they may continue to provide scholarship programs for vulnerable communities in Malawi. This will include activities such as conducting online campaigns/ events and pitching for partnerships with companies. Online National 3 hours per week, may be negotiated. Currently ongoing
American Cancer Society virtual volunteer You will work alongside team members to complete a ‘Relay for Life’ – a virtual online relay completed using avatars in the ‘Second Life’ 3D virtual world. This virtual event raises money for the American Cancer Society. Online National No set time commitment. Currently ongoing.
Crisis Text Line Volunteer  Provide online support for those in a crisis over text. Volunteers aid those texting the crisis text line through active listening, collaborative problem solving and safety planning. Online National 2-4 hours per week, 200 hours in total. Currently ongoing.
Covid Call volunteer Covid Call volunteers offer a free telephone service to aid those in their community who are self-isolating.  This could be aiding them in finding out how they may access food supplies or just having a friendly chat. Online National Volunteers can sign up to shifts, dependent on their availability. Currently ongoing.
The Mix young ambassador  As a young ambassador for The Mix you will be expected to raise awareness for the work that The Mix does in helping under 25’s overcome any issues they may face – from homelessness to break ups.  You will be required to publicize the work done by The Mix through platforms such as social media and press discussions.


Both National Volunteers must be able to commit to volunteering on an ad-hoc basis. Currently ongoing.
Bookshare Volunteer  Scanning, proofreading and describing images for individuals with reading disabilities. Online National No set hours Currently ongoing


Providing tutoring and/or advice to low-income high school students. Online National No set hours Currently ongoing
CHD Living


‘Adopt a Grandparent’ campaign partners an individual with an elderly in CHD Living Home, to provide them with company through having phone/video calls and sending photos/postcards/letter via post or email. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
Prince’s Trust Online Mentor Supporting a young individual online who is looking for work or starting up their own business through weekly talks with your mentee, providing both feedback and encouragement. Online National Must be able to volunteer for at least six months Currently ongoing
Zooniverse Volunteer


* If you’re interested in becoming a moderator on a project, go to the project’s About page and get in touch with the researcher.



Zooniverse offers a few different volunteering roles, these include:

  • Zooniverse project volunteer
  • This role includes classifying the data of various research projects, there are plenty of different projects on the website available.
  • Zooniverse beta tester
  • This involves working through classifications on the beta project to check that it works, checking for any bugs, and filling out a questionnaire at the end.
  • Zooniverse project moderator
  • Project moderators help moderate discussions and act as a point of contact for the project.
Online International No set hours Currently ongoing, depending on projects available at the time
Project Implicit You will be required to assist in psychological research on thoughts and feelings by taking an Implicit Association Test (IAT) from a list of various topics. Online National No set hours, each test takes 10-15 minutes. Currently ongoing.
Be My Eyes Volunteer You will be required to provide virtual assistance to the visually impaired through the ‘Be My Eyes’ app. This app allows a visually impaired individual to live video call a volunteer for help with tasks such as:

  • Checking expiry dates
  • Distinguishing colors
  • Reading instructions
  • Navigating surroundings
Online National No set hours Currently ongoing
Translate Without Borders volunteer You will be required to be fluent in one other language, other than your native language. There is various engaging projects where translating assistance is required – further information on these projects is available on their website. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
LibriVox volunteer This role required reading and recording chapters of books within the public domain (books no longer under copyright) and make them available for free on the internet. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
Missing Maps Volunteer This role requires you to use OpenStreetMap to help map areas where humanitarian organizations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
Smithsonian Digital volunteer This role involves using transcription to make historical documents and biodiversity data more available. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
UN volunteer UN volunteering offers lots of different online volunteering opportunities depending on your skills. These skills may range from translation, writing and editing, technology development, research, art and design etc. There is a wide variety in the UN volunteering opportunities available, for example:

  • Conducting online English classes for youth in West Bengal
  • Software developers for school management systems
Online International Weekly hours vary with each volunteer opportunity Currently ongoing
ZSL Volunteer Supporting ZSL conservation work by tagging animals seen in live videos and images provided by ZSL. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
Loving Hands volunteer Using knitting, sewing and crocheting skills to craft items to donate to charities and groups all over the world. There are various Loving Hands groups across the UK, more information on this is available on the website. Online National No set hours Currently ongoing
Write On volunteer This volunteer opportunities involves writing to those in need. There are several different types of Write On campaigns to get involved, for example:

  • ‘Love for the Elderly’ is a group dedicated to writing kind letters to perhaps lonely, elderly individuals
  •  ‘Braid Mission’ is a program dedicated to sending cards to local group homes and facilities that house youth who are separated from their loved ones.
Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
Child.org volunteer Completing at-home quarantine quests from Child.org to aid their charity work. Some missions require specific skills; however, you can join in with any missions you believe you may be of help. Online International No set hours End date = 27TH June 2020. (Only 100 volunteer places available)
Trussell Trust foodbank volunteer Local foodbanks across the nation are requiring volunteers to:

  • Sort and pack food donations in their warehouses
  • Collecting donations from supermarkets
  • Delivering food to those in greatest need
Face-to-face National Hours may vary between foodbanks Currently ongoing
Volunteer West Berkshire


*Find volunteer centers in your area.

Providing help to those most vulnerable in the local community during Covid-19, this includes tasks such as:

  • Delivering essential items
  • Providing transport to appointments
  • There are similar volunteer schemes available in most areas nationwide, however, tasks may slightly vary.
Face-to-face Local – West Berkshire


(Similar volunteer schemes available nationwide)

Hours dependent on individual availability Currently ongoing
Do It Volunteer scheme Do It offer two types of volunteering to help those vulnerable within their community during the Covid-19 crisis. Support can be either online or face-to-face, depending on volunteer preference.

Support if offered in several ways:

  • Food sorting
  • Prescription pick up
  • Shopping drop off
  • Friendly phone conversations
  • Tech support
  • Helping from home
Either National No set hours Currently ongoing
Reach Volunteering Reach volunteering will match individuals with specialist professional skills, such as in IT, to charities requiring their help on either short-term projects or ongoing projects. Either National Hours vary with each volunteering project Each volunteer project has varying end dates.
Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK This is another organization that partners up volunteers to their local community aid group. Each group has varying volunteering tasks that they coordinate to help their neighbors who require assistance. Either National No set hours Currently ongoing
School in The Clouds Volunteer Providing support to deprived children in India, Colombia, Mexico and Greenland. Volunteers will educate, read stories, sing songs and chat to these children over skype. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
eBird volunteer Assisting in global bird research by simply tracking your bird sighting on the eBird website – contributing to a community network of worldwide birdwatchers. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
Amnesty Decoders Volunteer Using your device to sift through pictures, information and documents to help expose human right violations. There are various projects available on their website. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
7 Cups volunteer 7 Cups listeners offer emotional support to those that need it via online chat by simply listening to their personal troubles. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
Vocalid volunteer VocaliD volunteers record personal voice notes for VocaliD to enhance their research in building unique digital voices to uplift those who rely on assistive technology, and to diversify the voices they hear. Online International, (requires fluency in English) No set hours Currently ongoing
Project Gutenberg volunteer Volunteers assist in proofreading eBooks prior to their publication. Online International No set hours Currently ongoing
YUoR Community Champions As a community champion, you can support the Reading community by offering your skills to help people in need of support, this could include doing things such as:

  • Providing tech support for people in the community (helping them to make the most of online communication tools such as Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp)
  • Writing blogs and marketing material for community groups
  • Supporting community groups and member of the community in using social media
  • Helping refugees by translating key documents/letters
  • Working with community organisations to help with logistics tasks, such as organising deliveries
  • Plus much more!


Supporting Reading area (but volunteering can done anywhere) No set hours Currently on

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