Why Take a RIS Internship?

During your time at University, most people are looking for only a few things; to specialise in their academic career, to improve job prospects, and to have fun! So why should you consider taking an internship? Where does it fit into your University experience? The most obvious answer is to supplement the second of those three points – internships, without a doubt, make you more employable once you’ve left University and often result in job offers.

With more widespread Higher Education, and the job market being so competitive these days, having a degree doesn’t stand out in the same way as it used to, and many graduates struggle to get into suitable work after completing their studies. With that in mind, having anything that can help you stand out from the everyone else is a bonus and an internship in particular is an even bigger boon as it demonstrates experience in the workplace (even if that workplace isn’t one that you wish to endeavour into as a career.)

But how else does it contribute towards your University experience?

With the University offering over £100,000 in funding for internships, a number of the experiences on offer do actually relate directly to a number of subjects taught. Whilst, of course, it isn’t essential to find an internship in your desired field, it is a big bonus in helping funnel you into your desired career and it may even supplement your studies!

It can also even improve the fun! A tenuous link, perhaps, but you get PAID for any internship you pick up through RIS! And the best thing is that internships are all short, fixed-term positions. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to go back, but you’ll still get paid and have the experience forever. It’s the stress-free, no-obligation approach to careers experience!

So why not take a look at what is coming up on the website!