Jobs and study opportunities abroad

The New Year sees the launch of a new resource.   

GoinGlobal is a fantastic tool to help you research job and study opportunities throughout the world.

Through GoinGlobal, you can look at career guides, global city guides and employer directories. It is a great place to search for both internships and jobs overseas as well as to check visa requirements and studying abroad openings. It will also enable you to be aware of:

  • Work authorization regulations
  • Industry and employment trends
  • Professional and social networking organisations
  • Office protocol and interviewing customs around the world

The resource covers career and employment resources in more than 120 worldwide locations.

Free access to GoinGlobal is only via the Careers website.

Watch this video for a tour of the most useful features, watch now.

Watch this video on customising your account, watch now.

Applying for vacancies is different across the globe. Have a look here to see what you need to include in your CV to be successful, courtesy of Viking.

Latest News

With the Olympics having recently started, you may be interested to find out more about South Korea:

In less than 60 years, South Korea has gone from a state of absolute poverty at the end of the Korean War to a country with one of Asia’s highest per capita incomes. This feat would not have been possible with typical ‘nine-to-five’ jobs. Western influence has gradually entered Korea’s business world. However, major differences still exist between the typical Korean company and Western companies. Read more

Brazil: Interview Conduct

First impressions are critical in Brazil and this is also true when going for an interview. Physical appearance plays an important role, and while there is not a strong tradition of arriving on time, it is important to arrive early for an interview. Make sure to become familiar with the company environment, people and atmosphere. Read more


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