CCMI Scientific Steering Committee


Tatsuya Nagashima
National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan
e-mail: nagashima.tatsuya
phone: +81 29-850-2898

David Plummer
Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada
e-mail: david.plummer
phone: +1 514-421-5248

SSC Members:

  1. Alexander Archibald (tropospheric chemistry, modelling; United Kingdom)
  2. Gabriel Chiodo (chemistry-climate interactions; Switzerland)
  3. Suvarna Fadnavis (Asian monsoon – chemistry; India)
  4. Hella Garny (chemistry-climate modelling; Germany)
  5. BĂ©atrice Josse (chemistry-transport modelling; France)
  6. Joowan Kim (upper troposphere – lower stratosphere processes; South Korea)
  7. Jean-Francois Lamarque (AerChemMIP, Earth system modelling; United States)
  8. Olaf Morgenstern (chemistry-climate modelling; New Zealand)
  9. Lee Murray (tropospheric chemistry, modelling; United States)
  10. Clara Orbe (atmospheric chemistry and transport; United States)
  11. Amos Tai (biosphere-atmosphere exchange, iLEAPS; Hong Kong)

CCMI Representatives:

ACAM: Clara Orbe (US), Mian Chin (China)
SPARC Temperature Activity: Martin Dameris (GE)
WMO/UNEP scientific ozone assessment: Doug Kinnison (US) and Martyn Chipperfield (UK)