Upcoming workshops

Our next Science Workshop will be hosted by Météo-France in Toulouse, October 3 -5, 2023. Abstract submission is now closed. Information on how to register for in-person or on-line participation can be found on the workshop website.

NEW:  An updated version of the workshop agenda, current as of October 3rd, can be found here.

A great deal of local information, including how to get to the Centre International de Conférences (CIC) and an extensive list of hotels in Toulouse can be found at

A summary of the information on how to get to the Conference centre and a map of the metro along with a few suggestions for hotels is also summarized in a short PDF that you can find here.

Past workshops

IGAC/SPARC CCMI Workshop 2019 Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong
Find the final agenda here
7-9 August 2019
IGAC/SPARC CCMI Workshop 2017 Météo-France, Toulouse, France
Find the final agenda here
13-15 June 2017
IGAC/SPARC CCMI Workshop 2015 CNR, Rome, Italy
Find the final agenda here
7-9 October 2015
IGAC/SPARC CCMI Workshop 2014 University, Lancaster, UK 20-22 May 2014
IGAC/SPARC CCMI Workshop 2013 NCAR, Boulder CO, USA 14-16 May 2013
IGAC/SPARC CCMI Workshop 2012 Kongresshalle, Davos, Switzerland 21-24 May 2012