Talk: Friday 12th September, Prof. Albert Yeap

A reminder that our first CCR talk of the new academic year is as follows:

Towards a computational theory of spatial cognition

Friday 12th September, 1-3pm. Location: Psychology GS05

 Prof. Albert Yeap, Auckland Univ. of Technology, New Zealand

Abstract: Our ability to point to unseen locations suggests that we build some kind of a map in our head. However, the nature of such a map has been controversial and has been much debated. In this talk, I will present a new computational theory of perceptual mapping that shows how an inexact and imprecise map is computed via integrating views which denote local environments visited. Surprisingly, the resulting map provides us an egocentric trace of our journey rather than an integrated map of the environment experienced. The map is also dynamic and transient. The theory has been successfully implemented on a mobile robot equipped with a laser sensor and an odometer.
All welcome.